Roles of Language Representatives

Language Representatives are closely engaged with those working in their language community (which includes language schools) and interested in making connections with other language groups and with the national effort, the Coalition. In working with the Coalition, a Language Representative might do the following (as they find doable):


Serve as a liaison between the language community and the Coalition
Send messages from the Coalition to the community about new issues and initiatives
Stay in touch with issues in their community that the Coalition might address and resources that the Coalition might make available
Solicit feedback from their community about the Coalition’s mission, goals, and activities and communicate the feedback to the Coalition

Annual Conference:

Send announcements about the annual conference to their language community
Work with their language community to determine who will participate in the conference, in what ways
Make suggestions about sessions to be presented at the conference and possible presenters from the community at the conference

Survey of Programs:

Help the Coalition to stay up to date about programs in their language community by creating a list of community-based heritage schools/programs in their language
Send the community-based programs/schools survey to their language community, so that all community-based programs in the language are documented
Know which language programs are documented in the survey

Coalition Web Pages and Online Forum:

Encourage members of their language community to post information and resources on the web pages and to participate in the Coalition’s online discussion forum.


Published: Thursday, May 4, 2017