Coalition Language Representative


Bernhard Adams, Ph.D., is a physicist. His first language is German. He has been interested in languages and linguistics for many years. His particular interest is in Estonian and related languages, such as Finnish, Sami, and Uralic languages, and also in cross-influences among languages. He volunteers as the director of the Estonian School in the Chicago suburbs (, where he also teaches a class in "experimental archaeology" (stone-age-themed crafts) to appeal especially to older children, who might otherwise leave the school. His interest in less commonly spoken languages comes from his belief that there is a vast cultural treasure contained in cultures and languages outside of the global mainstream. This treasure may contain insights and possible solutions to our global problems in many contexts, from models for the organization of societies to cuisine, pharmaceuticals, healthy living, efficient technologies, and so on. Bernhard got his physics diploma and doctorate degree from the University of Munich, then worked as a postdoctoral assistant and later as a visiting scientist and staff scientist at various national laboratories, then in industry. Now he works as a scientific consultant in the field of quantum optics.



Published: Monday, February 3, 2020