October 27, 2022

Creating Successful Pathways to Proficiency Through Assessment in Community-Based Heritage Language Schools

Linda Egnatz, Masako Douglas, and Eva Prionas shared key information about creating successful pathways to proficiency for students, answering these questions:

● What might this pathway look like in a given program?
● What tests are used and what do they measure?
● Who should take the tests and why?
● What are best practices in preparing learners to take the test?
● What will learners gain by testing for proficiency?
● How does the Global Seal of Biliteracy support pathways to proficiency?


June 15, 2022

U.N. Sustainable Development Goals and Community-Based Heritage Language Schools

Dr. Renata Emilsson Peskova, President of Móðurmál, the Association on Bilingualism, in Iceland, presented a Webinar on the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals and Community-Based Heritage Language Schools. Attached are the presentation slides and a report by Bibiam M. González Rodríguez on her Spanish lessons with a group of students 9-12 years old, based on the Goals.


October 28, 2021 to March 3, 2022

Heritage Language Instruction in a Virtual Context: Professional Development Webinars

Four webinars were held by leaders in the Sava Online Serbian school on heritage language instruction in a virtual context.




November 30, 2020

Heritage Language Schools' Response to COVID-19: Resilience, Creativity, and Opportunities

Leaders from the Coalition of Community-Based Heritage Language Schools and the International Heritage Languages Association (IHLA) discuss how heritage language schools have adapted to the COVID-19 crisis and share survey responses from teachers and school leaders from across the United States.


 April 8, 2020

The Bilingual Revolution and the Future of Education in Two Languages

Fabrice Jaumont gives a dynamic description of the importance of being bilingual/multilingual and the value that it brings to individuals and communities.


Published: Wednesday, April 8, 2020