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Community-based heritage language schools are the hidden treasure in our neighborhoods and across the country. We will all benefit when we uncover and celebrate this treasure.

—Tommy Lu, Chinese School of Delaware

The Coalition of Community-Based Language Schools is a nationwide initiative established to support, guide, and promote the interests of community-based heritage language schools and organizations across the United States. Our main goals are to:

  • Facilitate communication among community-based heritage language schools/programs
  • Develop official statistics on HL teaching and learning by collecting comprehensive data about community-based schools and press for inclusion of these data in official U.S. education statistics
  • Increase the visibility and recognition of these schools/programs within the U.S. education system on local, state, and national levels

2024 Heritage Language Schools Conference
Our next conference will be held October 4 and 5, at American University in Washington, DC. Read more about the conference here. We hope to see you there!

School Survey
Over 300 schools and 36 languages documented! 

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Heritage Language Programs in the United States: Survey