American Sign Language

Coalition Language Representative

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Ted Supalla, Ph.D, is Professor of Neurology, Linguistics, and Psychology at Georgetown University and director of the Sign Language Research Lab. He has published extensively on the structure of American Sign Language and other sign languages of the world. He served as a consultant to the World Federation of the Deaf, where he participated in publishing a white paper on the status of sign languages around the world. His lab hosts a Historical Sign Language Database ( as a resource tool for public use. He is a co-author of Sign Language Archaeology: Understanding Historical Roots of American Sign Language. In addition, Dr. Supalla is developing a massive open online course on the EdX platform entitled, Sign Language Structure, Learning, and Change, to be released in the Fall 2017. He recently became a grandfather and looks forward to passing on ASL as a heritage language to his grandchildren.

Published: Wednesday, September 25, 2019