Coalition Language Representative

Marzanna Owinski was born and raised in Poland and received a Master of Arts in Polish language with a teaching certification from Warsaw University. She is a director of educational and cultural programs at the Piast Institute. She teaches Polish language to adults, organizes methodological workshops for Polish language teachers, gives lectures on topics related to Polish culture, and organizes and coordinates educational trips to Poland. She continues to work with American and Polish organizations and institutions to reinforce the standing and value of the Polish community and its language in the United States. Upon arrival to the United States, she completed another Master of Arts in Communication and Public Relations at Wayne State University. She also received the Michigan teaching certificate in the Polish language. She taught Polish at St. Mary’s Preparatory School and was a Polish language teacher and a principal at Father Dabrowski Polish Language School for several years. She has experience teaching Polish with students of all ages, including adults. Throughout her career, she has focused on the promotion of Polish language and culture in the United States. She has initiated and worked on many innovative and significant projects, including the promotional piece for the ACTFL website Lead with languages about Polish language; organization of annual Polish Bilingual Day events in Michigan; and the initiation of the Seal of Biliteracy at the Michigan Board of Education. Her actions led to the creation of STAMP4S for the Polish language. She is a member of ACTFL, MIWLA, NCLCTL, and NAATPl. She is also a member of the Seal of Biliteracy Council in Michigan and a board member of Dekaban Foundation. She has been a consultant for the U.S. government on the Polish DLPT test. She is the author of many articles in Polish on the topic of the Seal of Biliteracy for Dobra Polska Szkoła and in the book Bilingual and Bicultural edited by Katarzyna Zechenter. She is also editor of the informational website, Seal of Biliteracy po polsku.



Published: Tuesday, October 15, 2019