Coalition Language Representatives

Language representative photo

Christina Pikhmanets was born and raised in Ukraine. She received her first Masters degree in Linguistics from Ivan Franko National University in Ukraine, followed by CELTA (Certificate of English Teaching to Adults) from the University of Cambridge. After moving to the United States, she received her second Masters in TESOL and Bilingual Education. At the same time, she started working as an Assistance Principle at the Saturday School of Ukrainian Studies in Manhattan, New York. She became a member of the Ukrainian Educational Council "Shkilna Rada" and took an active part in Hromada (the Ukrainian community of the United States). Christina is also a Ukrainian Language Instructor at the Ukrainian Institute of America located in New York, New York. Her academic interests are teaching Ukrainian as a heritage and foreign language, methodologies of teaching bilingual children, and curriculum development and materials creation.

Published: Thursday, June 24, 2021