Heritage Briefs

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These Briefs give an overview of key topics in the field of community-based heritage language school education. We will continue to publish new Heritage Briefs as new topics arise. If you would like to publish a Brief, write to Joy Peyton, joy@peytons.us.

Teachers Using Learners’ Heritage Languages in Class: Reasons and Strategies – 2024 Ivian Destro Boruchowski

In community-based heritage language schools there is a clear purpose in using the language of the community during instructional and informal times. Valuing and developing the language that the students speak at home and in the community are the reasons the school was founded in the first place. But what is the experience of these multilingual students in other educational contexts, for example in public schools, and how can the teachers in those contexts value and promote use of those languages? This Brief describes the challenges that these teachers and students face with language use and language instruction and some strategies teachers can use.

Thai as a Heritage Language: Community-Based Schools in The United States – 2024 Kanjana Hubik Thepboriruk, Duangkamon Winitkun

This Brief describes the results of the first-ever survey of Thai community-based schools in the U.S., with interviews with 48 stakeholders from 11 schools, including administrators, volunteer teachers, parents, and former students. It considers their challenges, successes, and next steps to address the challenges.

Good Partnership: A Collaboration Between Community-Based Schools and Public School – 2023 Wenjing (Grace) Xie

This Brief describes a rich collaboration among an Elementary School, a public school in the Chandler Unified School District of Arizona, and two Mandarin Heritage Language Schools, Contemporary Chinese School of Arizona and Arizona Hope Chinese School. It shows the many ways that teachers, students, and parents engage in many different activities that enrich all of them.

Collaborating With Schools and Umbrella Organizations to Build Strong Schools and Programs – 2018 Angela Hasheva & Masako Douglas

Community-Based Heritage Language Schools: A Rich Part of the Language Landscape – 2018 Joy Kreeft Peyton, Marta McCabe, Ana Lucia Lico, Tommy Lu, Renate Ludanyi, & Sigrid Belluz

In addition, the Alliance for the Advancement of Heritage Languages published a number of Heritage Briefs that are relevant to our work. You can read them here: Heritage Languages in America: Research: Frequently Asked Questions (cal.org)

Published: Friday, November 17, 2023